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This isn't accidental: "I think luxury means a different thing in the kids world," says Mendoza. "For us, luxury can be a $12 wooden toy that's coming from Switzerland, but it's $12. It's really not about price point. It's about quality and it's about how differentiated it is and the materials." When it comes to parents of young kids today, says Ward Durrett, "your kids are kind of an extension of yourself. So when you're thinking about buying a high chair for your apartment, you're going to buy something that matches with your post-modern aesthetic, that isn't necessarily a plastic, colorful, traditional high chair." And, by that token, when you buy them a hoodie for pre-school, it's going to be organic cotton, on-trend, and thoroughly Instagrammable.
Globally, the childrenswear market is outpacing both womenswear and menswear, growing 5 percent in current value terms in 2016 to $203.4 billion, according to Euromonitor. Designer childrenswear is only a small portion of the total industry at $5.89 billion, but the research house cites trends that suggest it could grow. For instance, parents today tend to have fewer children later in life, at a time when many have more disposable income, and fashion trends play an ever-greater role in influencing what — and how often — they purchase.
Designer of children’s fashion design models that are tailored to children’s needs. Still all of the pieces carry the designer’s thumbprint and are a reflection of the hot international runway trends. If a label is known for its playful designs and eye-catching accessories, you can be sure to find a reflection of that in the little one’s collection, although in a way that is more suitable for children and for daily use. It is the same with trendy colours, which shape the label’s image. Obviously, our shop has the perfect festive children’s to offer. That might be a neat suit and a smart tie, or a precious dress, made out of velvet and silk. You will find the designs for a successful festive day.
At Saks, Fashion Director Roopal Patel says that while classic labels like Burberry are consistently strong performers, they're seeing that customers are increasingly interested in brands that offer novelty items and opportunities for "mommy-and-me" dressing. Gucci, in particular, has been a standout: "Specifically some of the statement pieces, like the more iconic Gucci emojis or snakes, are trending really well within childrenswear," she says. At Saks's new Brookfield Place location in downtown New York City, the kids' pieces are sold alongside the women's and men's clothing in the brand's in-store boutique, a relatively novel strategy for the retailer.
Paris-based Vestiaire Collective currently has more than 28,000 kids' items listed — a sizable number, though only a fraction of the 600,000 items on the site at any given time. Outerwear is the site's top-performing children's category in terms of sales, according to U.S. curator Sydney Locker, with items like a Gucci shearling-lined embroidered denim jacket ($1,141.20), Baby Dior coat ($741.78) and Moncler snowsuit ($707.54) filling the upper end of the price range. More than 50 percent of the site's children's business is in France — a much greater share than in other categories, but Locker says she expects this to shift as the resale industry grows and awareness increases globally.
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Children's clothes have a different life cycle than their adult counterparts: they're played in, spilled on, stretched, occasionally spit up on and eventually grown out of. While all of the parents I talked to for this story say they shop mass retailers like Zara Kids and Target as well as designer brands, their main complaint was the quality. In some cases, they said, clothes would fall apart before their kids even got the chance to grow out of them. Better-made pieces, at least, can see a second life — whether as a hand-me-down to a younger sibling or a relative, a keepsake to hold onto, a donation or a resale item. Parents today have several options if they choose the latter, thanks to a slew of online designer resale and consignment stores, including Vestiaire Collective, The RealReal and My Kid's Threads.
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Gifting, too, plays an outsize role in the childrenswear market. "While we may not buy our kids a $200 to $400 dress on a regular basis, grandparents, aunts, the people who are in your lives who want to buy for your kids often like to spend a little bit more on that and give them a special occasion dress," says Mendoza, reasoning that since "documenting every second of your child's life is so implicit in people's lives these days," it makes sense that people may feel better about splurging on pieces for occasions like holidays and birthdays.
They've also introduced the brand to a new whole new set of customers. "We have totally reached a new audience with the mini line," says Parikka. "Before, our shoes were mainly for a trendy crowd, and now with the mini we reach customers from 0 to 70 years old. I think our oldest customer has actually been way over 90." After all, who can't appreciate a tiny sneaker with rabbit ears for a tongue and a pom-pom tail?
For now, prospective sellers can be savvy about what they buy by keeping resale value in mind. "In the resale business, you'll see a higher return on these classic, timeless investment pieces that never go out of style, like a Burberry or Moncler jacket, or something super on-trend right now, like Gucci — everyone wants Gucci," says Locker. "We see completely what's happening in women's mirrored in children's."
The company was founded in 1952 by Sybil Harriman as a shop selling children’s clothes in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.[2] She and her husband Rene had previously lived in Vienna but relocated to the UK after the birth of their 6th child.[3] Rene was a jazz pianist and Sybil ran a sewing circle for women until she established Childrensalon as a workroom at her house.[3] There, she pleated, smocked and even remade old fabrics into clothes for her children.[3] In April 2017, Childrensalon launched Petit Outlet site[4][5]
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While a rep for Gucci declined to comment on sales of childrenswear specifically, the brand reported record sales in the first quarter of fiscal 2017, jumping 48.3 percent to €1.35 billion euros, or $1.44 billion. And if creative director Alessandro Michele manages to keep up the fervor among his adult customers, the children's category should be well-positioned to keep pace. "If mom is buying a lot of Gucci, chances are, the little one is going to be dressed in a lot of Gucci as well," reasons Patel.