Bonpoint was founded in 1975 as a couture house for children, and although the brand now owns and operates more than 110 boutiques worldwide and sales are estimated at around €100 million, or around $114 million per year, it still maintains a Paris atelier and shows a couture collection (which, according to the FT, accounts for about 10 percent of sales) twice a year. Along with Baby Dior, which opened the doors to its first Paris boutique in 1967 — Princess Grace of Monaco cut the inaugural ribbon — the brand was a pioneer in the field, and with its exclusive focus on childrenswear, it has since developed a reputation for impeccable fit and attention to detail, eschewing trendiness in favor of timeless design. This, of course, doesn't come cheap: A smocked floral baby romper, for example, costs $235, while a leather varsity jacket in sizes up to 12 years will set you back $1,665 (Pukay, for one, says she tries to wait until pieces go on sale to shop).

Trust in top-class quality and you can be sure that your offspring is always dressed accordingly. If you want to impart a good dress sense and a proper style permanently to your daughter or your son, it is best, if you start early in doing so. The designers use high-quality and sometimes exotic materials, so that your child will develop a feeling for the exceptional things at an early stage. The haptic and the wearability of children’s fashion speak for themselves. Instead of buying clothes off the peg, which sometimes radiates a certain uniformity, you are buying the best thing possible for your offspring with designer children’s fashion. We are covered in clothes all day every day, thus it should be as good as possible.
Designer of children’s fashion design models that are tailored to children’s needs. Still all of the pieces carry the designer’s thumbprint and are a reflection of the hot international runway trends. If a label is known for its playful designs and eye-catching accessories, you can be sure to find a reflection of that in the little one’s collection, although in a way that is more suitable for children and for daily use. It is the same with trendy colours, which shape the label’s image. Obviously, our shop has the perfect festive children’s to offer. That might be a neat suit and a smart tie, or a precious dress, made out of velvet and silk. You will find the designs for a successful festive day.