Gifting, too, plays an outsize role in the childrenswear market. "While we may not buy our kids a $200 to $400 dress on a regular basis, grandparents, aunts, the people who are in your lives who want to buy for your kids often like to spend a little bit more on that and give them a special occasion dress," says Mendoza, reasoning that since "documenting every second of your child's life is so implicit in people's lives these days," it makes sense that people may feel better about splurging on pieces for occasions like holidays and birthdays.
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Children are known for their appreciation of dirt, popsicles and boogers — less so for fancy fashion items like $865 embroidered Gucci sweaters or $390 studded Fendi sandals. And yet both brands offer sizes as small as 0-3 months, as well as full collections that run the gamut from onesies to mini leather moto jackets. In fact, just about every major luxury brand in 2017 has an offshoot line of apparel and accessories scaled down for the 12-and-under set: Dolce and Gabbana's floral-printed dresses are a hit with the mommy-and-me shopper, Moncler's Enfant collection has fur-trimmed snowsuits for tots in colder climates and Adidas's Yeezy Boosts come in infant sizes that are only slightly easier to cop than their adult counterparts. Elie Saab even went so far as to show matching gowns for children on his Fall 2016 couture runway in Paris last July.

She and Ward Durrett have three children each and cite the frustrations of shopping for them as their inspiration for launching the platform. "The process of shopping for your young children is incredibly tedious," says Ward Durrett. "You have to go to a number of websites to get the things you need for your kids — you're at a shoe site, you're at another site for pants, you're at another site for a special occasion dress. It's a disaggregated market, and it's incredibly inefficient. And when you're a mom, you have the least amount of time in your life." The aim of Maisonette, then, is to be a one-stop shop for apparel, accessories, toys, decor and more, all aimed at a style-conscious consumer who values quality as much as they value convenience. The parent demographic is also a smart target for an e-commerce venture: According to a recent study by Big Commerce, parents spend 75 percent more time online shopping each week, and spend more of their budget online in comparison to non-parents.
For parents who may not be able to afford the four- and five-figure price tags of Gucci's grown-up lines, the kids' offerings provide a somewhat more affordable way to take part in the trend by proxy. Childrenswear, says Maisonette's Mendoza, "is an entry price point for luxury. You may not buy a $10,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress for yourself, but you might buy a $200 Dolce and Gabbana dress for your child and have that same experience."
Globally, the childrenswear market is outpacing both womenswear and menswear, growing 5 percent in current value terms in 2016 to $203.4 billion, according to Euromonitor. Designer childrenswear is only a small portion of the total industry at $5.89 billion, but the research house cites trends that suggest it could grow. For instance, parents today tend to have fewer children later in life, at a time when many have more disposable income, and fashion trends play an ever-greater role in influencing what — and how often — they purchase.
For herself, she says she mostly shops at Zara for clothing, and splurges only on handbags and shoes. "When I go to the store, I first shop for my kids, then for myself," she says. "I'm one of those moms, you know? When I came across Bonpoint, I wasn't even pregnant. I was just walking down Rodeo [Drive in LA], and I saw these beautiful clothes. I've always had love for kids clothing, and I fell in love with the brand, so when I was pregnant, I knew exactly where to start buying my stuff. When I tested positive, the first thing I did was go to Bonpoint."
I have ordered from childrensalon three times now, never had a problem. On my last order the givenchy tracksuit only just fitted my 1 year old despite it being size 18 months. I read reviews on here about how difficult getting a refund or exchange was so I was a little reluctant to do so. I paid extra to have DPD pick the clothes from my house instead of the royal mail choice as I felt it would always be tracked. As soon as they recieved my item I had an update, I had an update when they was preparing my item and when they was sending it. I received my new item today all nicely packed and didn’t have any issues. I would 100% recommend this company as I personally have never had a problem, very easy to shop and return items, always been reasonably priced and even have a very good sale on at the moment.
While generations past may not have commemorated monthly baby milestones on Instagram, the idea of dressing kids up in their nicest clothes to show them off in public is a fairly traditional one. Yuliya Pugach, a mom of three girls, ages 4, 3 and 16 months, in Columbus, Ohio, says she's happy to spend more on dressy pieces for daughters to wear for church on Sundays. Dresses by Burberry or Chloé with little Louis Vuitton purses to hold their snacks (her husband bought one for each of them as a gift) help make up their collections. "I love investing in their church clothes because that's when I feel they should look their very best," she says. But while you might think that having three daughters would mean you could rely on hand-me-downs, Pugach says that's not always the case. "They do get some things, like the nicer designer clothes that aren't stained yet, but not as much as people would expect," she explains. "When I was pregnant with my second and third daughters, everyone always told me how lucky I was that they can wear hand-me-downs and save me a lot of money, but a lot of their clothes don't stand the test of time." The Burberry dresses she's bought are her favorite, she says, because they've held up the best; the family also has matching swimsuits by the brand.
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