Great designers for little stars! Your junior will catch everyone’s eye while wearing brand-name clothing from famous couture houses from around the world. There is most certainly something for every taste. Go and have a look, if your favourite designer brought out a clothing line for children! What was unthought-of in the past has become the standard today. It is nearly bon ton to dress the offspring accordingly. But to be honest, it is simply a lot of fun. There is nothing better for the fashion-conscious mother than to be able to pick out clothes from the big fashion brands for her little one. Our designer children’s fashion makes that possible – a massive variety waits to be discovered.
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For parents who may not be able to afford the four- and five-figure price tags of Gucci's grown-up lines, the kids' offerings provide a somewhat more affordable way to take part in the trend by proxy. Childrenswear, says Maisonette's Mendoza, "is an entry price point for luxury. You may not buy a $10,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress for yourself, but you might buy a $200 Dolce and Gabbana dress for your child and have that same experience."
This isn't accidental: "I think luxury means a different thing in the kids world," says Mendoza. "For us, luxury can be a $12 wooden toy that's coming from Switzerland, but it's $12. It's really not about price point. It's about quality and it's about how differentiated it is and the materials." When it comes to parents of young kids today, says Ward Durrett, "your kids are kind of an extension of yourself. So when you're thinking about buying a high chair for your apartment, you're going to buy something that matches with your post-modern aesthetic, that isn't necessarily a plastic, colorful, traditional high chair." And, by that token, when you buy them a hoodie for pre-school, it's going to be organic cotton, on-trend, and thoroughly Instagrammable.
Shop and buy with confidence at; the Global Style Destination for kids. Hailed as the ‘Net-a-Porter for under 14 year olds’, offer the world's best kids' clothes and footwear, from a huge spectrum of designers for children aged up to 16 years. Wherever you are in the world, you can shop your favourite designer kids' brands at the click of a button. Discover the extensive range of designer kids’ clothes now, from over 200 luxury labels, such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Little Marc Jacobs.
For dressier occasions, Aquazzura's kids' line, which launched in December, offers miniaturized versions of the brand's ultra-popular, lace-up flats and fringed sandals at $240 to $575 a pop. Ward Durrett got a pair as a gift and says her 3-year-old daughter, Grace, wears them as play shoes. "I probably shouldn't let her do that," she laughs, "but you know, that's the point — you can't be too precious about these things. They're totally scuffed up and worn, but she loves them and feels like a princess in them, and she chooses to wear them over every pair of shoes that I buy her."
Elsewhere, however, accessories seem to be picking up speed, with many luxury shoe brands — Giuseppe Zanotti, Sophia Webster, Malone Souliers — launching lines for kids who may not have even taken their first steps yet. In the case of Finnish designer Minna Parikka, it's clear to see why the brand extension made sense: Her signature rabbit-ear sneakers, a favorite of Cara Delevingne, Coco Rocha and dozens of other street-style stars, are playful, colorful and about as kid-friendly as you can get (Eva Chen even used a newborn pair to announce her second pregnancy on Instagram). The "Mini" line launched last year, and already it comprises half of the brand's business; the sneakers, which retail from around $156 for baby slippers to $445 for woven metallic low-tops, are available in 20 different countries and at 50 retailers worldwide, including Harrods and Selfridges. 

For now, prospective sellers can be savvy about what they buy by keeping resale value in mind. "In the resale business, you'll see a higher return on these classic, timeless investment pieces that never go out of style, like a Burberry or Moncler jacket, or something super on-trend right now, like Gucci — everyone wants Gucci," says Locker. "We see completely what's happening in women's mirrored in children's."
We became part of so many of your lives, over the many years we have spent together, and we love nothing more than to see your little people feeling special in Ladida. We are about relishing each moment of our children's days. Looking into their eyes, and seeing the words they say. Every gesture, every smile, and learning so much from their pure and precious souls. We are about holding our children tight and cherishing those young years that fly by oh-so-fast.
Yelena Pukay, an Oregon-based personal shopper and mother of four, has amassed an Instagram following of more than 34,000 thanks to her snaps of her youngest daughter Jasmin's daily outfits (her other kids make appearances too, but the baby is the star of the feed). At nine months old, Jasmin's wardrobe includes a seemingly endless collection of cashmere cardigans and rompers, which Pukay buys mostly from Parisian brands like Oscar et Valentine and Bonpoint, a Moncler puffer bought on sale, and, along with her sisters, a Dolce and Gabbana swimsuit printed with banana leaves. Her signature accessory — if a baby can have such a thing — is a cashmere pom-pom hat, many versions of which are documented on her feed, and which Pukay says women constantly ask her about (many of Jasmin's are by British brand Mi Loves and retail for £26, or about $34).
For now, prospective sellers can be savvy about what they buy by keeping resale value in mind. "In the resale business, you'll see a higher return on these classic, timeless investment pieces that never go out of style, like a Burberry or Moncler jacket, or something super on-trend right now, like Gucci — everyone wants Gucci," says Locker. "We see completely what's happening in women's mirrored in children's."

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So I was really apprehensive at first, seemed too good to be true, but the items shipped and arrived within like 6 days and everything was of good quality and really nice! I love Burberry and use to only buy from the official site but this place has got me hooked! I'm in Texas in the USA and will definitely be shopping with them again! (DKNY size 14/16 runs a tad small compared to Target but good quality. Only ordered a loose shirt and leggings.)
“ Today we received the shoes, we are pleased to madness, and what a smell of the shoes (Mini Melissa). My daughter doesn't want to take them off, the size is a little too big but should be nice for the summer. The quality is excellent. Thank you so much, I will now be ordering from you and will promote to my friends, we are satisfied with everything. Сегодня получили туфельки, рады до безумия, а какой запах. Дочка не снимает, размер чуть великоват но и хорошо летом будет ходить. Качество отличное. Огромное вам спасибо, буду теперь с вами сотрудничать и рекламировать знакомым, всем очень довольны. Спасибо за подарочек - конфетки. ”
I would be giving this review 0 other than the stars stopping me.Not impressed ordered a few times before no problems in the past. Sent an item back as the dress was too big to order a smaller size. Had a very very rude email back about the dress smelling different and had it been worn even though the dress had all tags bags etc? Basically withholding my returned monies calls and emails all this whilst away with my family which is pretty disgusting. They clearly didnt see the other email about me ordering a different size? Why would I order a dress send it back worn and then ordered a smaller size?I've never been more insulted in all my life.The customer services needs a retrain ! They should be ashamed and if it wasnt for data protection laws id be posting the insulting email for all to view trust me they would be losing custom!