While a rep for Gucci declined to comment on sales of childrenswear specifically, the brand reported record sales in the first quarter of fiscal 2017, jumping 48.3 percent to €1.35 billion euros, or $1.44 billion. And if creative director Alessandro Michele manages to keep up the fervor among his adult customers, the children's category should be well-positioned to keep pace. "If mom is buying a lot of Gucci, chances are, the little one is going to be dressed in a lot of Gucci as well," reasons Patel.
Paris-based Vestiaire Collective currently has more than 28,000 kids' items listed — a sizable number, though only a fraction of the 600,000 items on the site at any given time. Outerwear is the site's top-performing children's category in terms of sales, according to U.S. curator Sydney Locker, with items like a Gucci shearling-lined embroidered denim jacket ($1,141.20), Baby Dior coat ($741.78) and Moncler snowsuit ($707.54) filling the upper end of the price range. More than 50 percent of the site's children's business is in France — a much greater share than in other categories, but Locker says she expects this to shift as the resale industry grows and awareness increases globally.
Designer fashion for children is up and coming! One reason for that is that many well-known fashion labels started bringing out a clothing line especially for the little ones. Finally, the fashion-conscious mother has been given the opportunity to dress her junior according to her standards. Designer children’s fashion is characterised by the fact that it takes its inspiration from the adult collection, but differs in fashioning that is suitable for children. Good quality, top-notch fashioning and extraordinary designs – if that is what you are looking for in children’s fashion than look no longer.
For herself, she says she mostly shops at Zara for clothing, and splurges only on handbags and shoes. "When I go to the store, I first shop for my kids, then for myself," she says. "I'm one of those moms, you know? When I came across Bonpoint, I wasn't even pregnant. I was just walking down Rodeo [Drive in LA], and I saw these beautiful clothes. I've always had love for kids clothing, and I fell in love with the brand, so when I was pregnant, I knew exactly where to start buying my stuff. When I tested positive, the first thing I did was go to Bonpoint."
i have read some some of the reviews below. I cant believe for one minute they are real or a competitor trying to to customers off. I have been a genuine customer of children salon for years. ive ordered from childspaly also. Even though i like both companies. Ive found children salon much better to order so i stick to them. Maybe because the other site does not offer paypal I had one issue with the colour running on the shirt and they resolved it and refunded me. This was a genuine dye problem and they fixed it immediately. The rep was so considerate and supportive. So i disagree with the customers below that said they do not help. This is not true. As a seller they have to look at the over all comments. If you have size issues then you need to ensure it is tried for fit only.Labels not removed and returned in original condition. If signs of wear then they cant refund. So it is the buyers responsibility to take care when tying on goods and return that as the seller sent. If there is a genuine manufacturing fault then they resolve it asap. But the fit cannot be guaranteed as you buy it online and not tried on. Even if going of the measurements it cannot be guaranteed. So as a buyer you need to take care and attention when purchasing. Further to this the company cannot be held responsible if the item is returned in poor condition. This company is fast and reliable and i will pick them over selfridges and any other high street designer shop. I will go into the shop and come back out and say i will get it from children salon. I trust them completely. may be they are nice to be as i never need to contact them ever. Only on 3 occasions i contacted and all issues were resolved. as a buyer please check you only try on for fit. Do not remove labels and return in original condition. Please note once it is worn and returned in not the same condition it is not saleable as it is then second hand. Designer clothes cost a lot and the company should not be held responsible if the customer did not check prior to starting to wear, you cant wear for a whole day and expect to return it the next day. Keep up the good work children salon and i will be back as i totally see you are the best in service, styles and delivery for children design clothes.
Given their pedigrees, it's no surprise that some of the pieces on the site require a champagne budget — $300 Golden Goose sneakers for tween boys, $98 cashmere briefs by bespoke kids' brand Flora and Henri designed to be fitted over a diaper, a $395 Missoni plush teddy bear — but a surprising majority are more accessible, with lesser-known independent brands spotlighted alongside familiar names.
For dressier occasions, Aquazzura's kids' line, which launched in December, offers miniaturized versions of the brand's ultra-popular, lace-up flats and fringed sandals at $240 to $575 a pop. Ward Durrett got a pair as a gift and says her 3-year-old daughter, Grace, wears them as play shoes. "I probably shouldn't let her do that," she laughs, "but you know, that's the point — you can't be too precious about these things. They're totally scuffed up and worn, but she loves them and feels like a princess in them, and she chooses to wear them over every pair of shoes that I buy her."
Leading the way are a coterie of precocious celebrity style stars: North West in her teensy custom Balmain jackets (a collection she started amassing long before the label officially launched childrenswear last June), $3,500 furs, and Vetements dresses; Blue Ivy Carter in her Gucci wardrobe, complete with party frocks, embroidered denim jackets, and logo handbags; Harper Beckham in her posh Chloé tops, Burberry coats and Ferragamo ballet flats; and the impeccably clad royal children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Children's clothes have a different life cycle than their adult counterparts: they're played in, spilled on, stretched, occasionally spit up on and eventually grown out of. While all of the parents I talked to for this story say they shop mass retailers like Zara Kids and Target as well as designer brands, their main complaint was the quality. In some cases, they said, clothes would fall apart before their kids even got the chance to grow out of them. Better-made pieces, at least, can see a second life — whether as a hand-me-down to a younger sibling or a relative, a keepsake to hold onto, a donation or a resale item. Parents today have several options if they choose the latter, thanks to a slew of online designer resale and consignment stores, including Vestiaire Collective, The RealReal and My Kid's Threads.