CHILDSPLAY CLOTHING have been bringing luxury brands to little people since 1990. Here you’ll discover an extensive range of children’s designerwear across clothing, footwear and accessories and find the latest fashion must-haves and the season’s key pieces across luxury labels including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Burberry, Moncler, Moschino, Armani, Boss, Young Versace, Givenchy, Fendi and many more…
They've also introduced the brand to a new whole new set of customers. "We have totally reached a new audience with the mini line," says Parikka. "Before, our shoes were mainly for a trendy crowd, and now with the mini we reach customers from 0 to 70 years old. I think our oldest customer has actually been way over 90." After all, who can't appreciate a tiny sneaker with rabbit ears for a tongue and a pom-pom tail?
I was happy with this company until I had problem with one of the purchased item. It irritated my daughters neck and left red marks on her chin. I have contacted Childrensalon and explained this item is not suitable for young children. They complete ignored that this item might be dangerous and responded in a very patronising manner. To keep the story short they did nothing about it and were really rude. It's one of these companies who just wants your money.
As Jasmin grows, Pukay stretches out the lifespan of her wardrobe with some creative styling. "A lot of the pants, I'll make them little capris," she says. "Or the shirts with the ruffles around the neck, even though they might be a smaller size, I'll still style them under cardigans. I feel like we've been getting really good use out of the clothing." She's willing to spend more for quality if it means the pieces will last, she says, and she hopes to hold on to the baby clothes as keepsakes to pass on to her kids some day.
Shop and buy with confidence at; the Global Style Destination for kids. Hailed as the ‘Net-a-Porter for under 14 year olds’, offer the world's best kids' clothes and footwear, from a huge spectrum of designers for children aged up to 16 years. Wherever you are in the world, you can shop your favourite designer kids' brands at the click of a button. Discover the extensive range of designer kids’ clothes now, from over 200 luxury labels, such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Little Marc Jacobs.
So I was really apprehensive at first, seemed too good to be true, but the items shipped and arrived within like 6 days and everything was of good quality and really nice! I love Burberry and use to only buy from the official site but this place has got me hooked! I'm in Texas in the USA and will definitely be shopping with them again! (DKNY size 14/16 runs a tad small compared to Target but good quality. Only ordered a loose shirt and leggings.)
Musiyevich was born and raised in the Ukraine, where, she says, the options for children's clothing were very limited ("I think we stayed swaddled up until we were almost a year old"). However, as she began to grow, her mom's friend sent the family a few dresses from America. "I remember how special they were to us," she says. "I still have pictures of me wearing them. I wish I could have brought them with me." Mila may not be able to wear her old dresses, but she at least hopes to hold on to some of the pieces her daughter is wearing now for future children, including favorites like cashmere rompers by Bonpoint and Oscar et Valentine, Dolce and Gabbana's rose-print dresses and rompers, and Belle Enfant's plush faux-fur vests.
At Saks, Fashion Director Roopal Patel says that while classic labels like Burberry are consistently strong performers, they're seeing that customers are increasingly interested in brands that offer novelty items and opportunities for "mommy-and-me" dressing. Gucci, in particular, has been a standout: "Specifically some of the statement pieces, like the more iconic Gucci emojis or snakes, are trending really well within childrenswear," she says. At Saks's new Brookfield Place location in downtown New York City, the kids' pieces are sold alongside the women's and men's clothing in the brand's in-store boutique, a relatively novel strategy for the retailer.
Childrensalon is an award-winning independent internet retailer for children's designer clothing and gifts. Established in 1952 and online since 1999, Childrensalon has grown to become one of the most respected international retailers in children’s luxury fashion and we pride ourselves on being specialists in childrenswear, customer experience and ecommerce. For more information please visit our website

Given their pedigrees, it's no surprise that some of the pieces on the site require a champagne budget — $300 Golden Goose sneakers for tween boys, $98 cashmere briefs by bespoke kids' brand Flora and Henri designed to be fitted over a diaper, a $395 Missoni plush teddy bear — but a surprising majority are more accessible, with lesser-known independent brands spotlighted alongside familiar names.
Childrensalon is an award-winning independent internet retailer for children's designer clothing and gifts. Established in 1952 and online since 1999, Childrensalon has grown to become one of the most respected international retailers in children’s luxury fashion and we pride ourselves on being specialists in childrenswear, customer experience and ecommerce. For more information please visit our website

“ Today we received the shoes, we are pleased to madness, and what a smell of the shoes (Mini Melissa). My daughter doesn't want to take them off, the size is a little too big but should be nice for the summer. The quality is excellent. Thank you so much, I will now be ordering from you and will promote to my friends, we are satisfied with everything. Сегодня получили туфельки, рады до безумия, а какой запах. Дочка не снимает, размер чуть великоват но и хорошо летом будет ходить. Качество отличное. Огромное вам спасибо, буду теперь с вами сотрудничать и рекламировать знакомым, всем очень довольны. Спасибо за подарочек - конфетки. ”

Michele Harriman-Smith, 66, is the CEO of Childrensalon, the luxury childrenswear retailer. The company was founded in 1952 by Michele’s mother, Sybil, as a single boutique in Kent. It is now an online empire with more than 300 staff and customers in more than 160 countries. Since 2012, sales have increased by more than 500%. Harriman-Smith lives with her husband, George, in Tunbridge Wells. 

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Children are known for their appreciation of dirt, popsicles and boogers — less so for fancy fashion items like $865 embroidered Gucci sweaters or $390 studded Fendi sandals. And yet both brands offer sizes as small as 0-3 months, as well as full collections that run the gamut from onesies to mini leather moto jackets. In fact, just about every major luxury brand in 2017 has an offshoot line of apparel and accessories scaled down for the 12-and-under set: Dolce and Gabbana's floral-printed dresses are a hit with the mommy-and-me shopper, Moncler's Enfant collection has fur-trimmed snowsuits for tots in colder climates and Adidas's Yeezy Boosts come in infant sizes that are only slightly easier to cop than their adult counterparts. Elie Saab even went so far as to show matching gowns for children on his Fall 2016 couture runway in Paris last July.
Like every other mother I spoke to, Musiyevich does most of her shopping for her daughter online (Rochester, New York, where she lives, doesn't have any high-end baby boutiques) and she says she often discovers brands through Instagram, including several from Europe that have become some of her favorites. At her age, she says, Mila doesn't yet have any strong opinions about what she wears. Even headbands, a notoriously tricky sell amongst the 2-and-under crowd, are left on undisturbed, leaving Musiyevich free to play dress-up to her heart's content.
For parents who may not be able to afford the four- and five-figure price tags of Gucci's grown-up lines, the kids' offerings provide a somewhat more affordable way to take part in the trend by proxy. Childrenswear, says Maisonette's Mendoza, "is an entry price point for luxury. You may not buy a $10,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress for yourself, but you might buy a $200 Dolce and Gabbana dress for your child and have that same experience."